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John Prine Concert Tour and Reviews 2007

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Paramount Theater, Austin Texas, March 2 & 3, 2007
Opening for John Prine - Minton Sparks, band: Dave Jacques & Jason Wilber


By: jpahu - Fri March 2, 2007

My wife and I, drove from Tucson to see JP in Austin on Friday, the first of two shows in Austin. We got the pre-sale tics and had center 4th row. We stayed in the hotel right next door to the venue. It was great and the concert was beautiful. My only regret is that we didn't stick around for the Saturday show. This was our fouth JP concert and we had a great time. We felt like John and the guys were playing just for us as my wife and I would recognize the songs and catch each other's eyes. I wish that he and the band would come to Tucson (my first time seeing him, 199???), so I wouldn't have to travel so far, but I'm not complaining. John's songs and lyrics have had a great influence on my life and those around me who have been introduced to JP by us, most of who are from the younger set. Thanks John, Jason and Dave for the great show. I hope to see you soon once again.



By: JELyon - Sat March 3, 2007

John Prine really enjoyed himself. Mentioned that his guitar broke it's neck, but it will be OK and that he'll be visiting it in the home. So he used Steve Goodman's guitar a bit tonight. The opening act was quite good. I really enjoyed her. Minton Sparks, the guitar player was with Dylan for 8 years. Jason and Dave - well - you know. Oh - and our presale seats were suh-weeet! Front row, center. I wore my Muhlenberg County shirt - the black one some gal had for sale a few years back... Also took a flag decal. And I did slap it on my wife's forehead. I don't think anyone noticed, though, but me and my wife. I was too chicken to request "Ubangi Stomp" And didn't want to be bothered with getting a set list. Actually, I think this is pretty darn complete. I went through the song list on the JPShrine, and I think this is everything.. .just not in order. (A friend who also went to the Friday night show (with his 8 y/o daughter - front row seats!) sat right behind us in the second row. He said that the two shows were probably 40% different. A real nice treat for him.) **Spanish Pipedream - Opener And In no particular order: **Oldest Baby in the World (as an answer to an e-mail request for someone's birthday) **Sam Stone **Souvenirs **I Ain't Hurtin' Nobody **Blue Umbrella - I think this was a request too - he started off, and it sounded to me for all the world like he was launching into Clay Pigeons again. But then he stopped and said "Now how does that song start? One of these days I ought to by that songbook.") **You Got Gold (I kept thinkin' of Ol Hippie!) **Far From Me **Lake Marie ("There were four Italian sausages simultaneously cookin' on the outdoor grill." [I'm guessing he's overly tired of sssssssssssssssizzl in.] ** "I saw it on the news. The TV news. Over and over and over and over." [I think it's better with the line "You know what blood looks like on a black and white video? Shadows. SHADOWS!"]) ** Bear Creek (Told a story about coming in to hear his brother playing guitar for his dad when he was fourteen, and he just stood there with his mouth hanging open. It was pretty hard to get his attention back then as a 14 year old boy. So his brother showed him a few chords. [Then there was a transition to listening to The Carter Family. Don't remember how that went. Listening to his dad's records?] **Hello In There **Flag Decal (The judge's name was...Ashcroft) **Christmas In Prison **Fish and Whistle **Illegal Smile (Sing along) **Grandpa Was a Carpenter (Story: He debuted this song at a family reunion, and thought everyone would be tickled to hear a song about someone they know so well. After the song, two of his aunts pulled him aside and told him "Your Grandpa didn't smoke Camels! He smoked *Kools!* And your Grandmother' s never been to Bowling Green!" You can't please everybody!) **Angel from Montgomery (Dedicated to someone and Bonnie.) **Please Don't Bury Me **Speed of the Sound of Loneliness Off "Fair and Square": **Clay Pigeons (with a nod to Blaze Foley) **Takin' a Walk **Glory of True Love **She Is My Everything ("I wrote this for my wife, Fiona. She's stayin' at the hotel across the street. If we play it loud enough, maybe she can hear it.") **Paradise - closer (Jason sang one verse after Minton's demurral. He did a very very nice job!) For a few songs during the solo portion, I just closed my eyes and listened. Very cool. I really tried to savor the experience. Being up front, watching the interplay between John, Jason and Dave. Seeing John's pleasure. He was enjoying himself, which was great to see. Audience was really appreciative, even cheering at some some of those lines we love so much.)


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