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John Prine Concert Tour and Reviews 2007

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John Prine at the Charlottesville Pavilion in Virgina. Opening Support by Josh Ritter. Back up band: Jason Wilber and Dave Jacques


By: A Cumberland Prine fan
Opening act Josh Ritter probably reached the peak of his career by opening for John. The crowd seemed to like him, but he bored me to death. A Prine wannabe without the songwriting ability and the way to turn a phrase John has. This was our second time to see JP in person. My wife listens to him constantly, I am a more casual fan. We saw him a couple of years ago in Ashland, KY and he was much better. It was indoors in a 1500 seat theater. Better sound. He seemed tired at this show, not the same Prine we saw in Ashland. The Charlottesville show was very good (we were in row 7 in the middle) but had drunks directly behind us talking and carrying on all through the show. Plus some other annoying individual who felt obliged to scream for "Space Monkeys" after every song. Overall a very good show, but would have preferred Iris Dement instead of the smiley Josh Ritter.


[email protected]

NEWS - Dry idea: Prine bans booze during show - Published August 23, 2007 in issue 0634 of the HooK.
   Folk singer and songwriter John Prine, 60, insists that his immediate audience not drink while he performs.
   Folk legend John Prine's signature song is "Illegal Smile," but some of his fans weren't smiling when they discovered they couldn't consume legal beverages if they were sitting in the primo seats under the canopy during his performance August 18 at the Charlottesville Pavilion.
   "I found it very bizarre," says attendee Tom Daly. "People paid a lot of money and didn't know they couldn't drink alcohol at an event sponsored by Budweiser."
   Although attendees sitting under the canopy-- where the seats cost up to $50-- were asked not to drink after 8pm when Prine came on stage, it was perfectly okay for people on the lawn or in the concession area to have a drink.
   The alcohol-free zone was written into Prine's contract, explains Pavilion general manager Kirby Hutto: "I wouldn't call it common, but it is at the artist's discretion."
   According to Hutto, Prine's manager said, "John used to play bars early in his career and now doesn't play bars or any place that serves alcohol."
   People attending were advised by signage at the show and by Pavilion staff, Hutto says.
   "This is nothing out of the ordinary," he adds. "We have a show coming up this Sunday with no alcohol." That would be Third Day, a Christian band.
   "I think people should have been advised before the concert," says longtime fan Sandy Seal, who had lawn seats at the show. "If I was going to pay that much money and was told I couldn't drink when he came on, I would have been [annoyed]."
   Seal says she heard beer-sellers at the Pavilion tell patrons that Prine is a recovering alcoholic, hence the booze ban.
  "Just because someone is a recovering alcoholic doesn't mean you can demand no one else drink," says Seal.
   Prine's manager, Al Bunetta, did not return phone calls seeking comment.
   Hutto says he received "zero" complaints about the suspension of suds during the Prine show. "People had two hours to drink," he says. "Once the show starts, the focus should be the music."
article taken from here

   :::::from DRY1: Many of his drunken fans have ruined it for the rest of us, being rude, falling and spilling, shouting & screaming throughout the songs, fighting, constantly talking, getting up and down to drink or pee.... if you want to relive the 70's - ... stay home, get drunk, put on a CD and pass out! Quit ruining it for the rest of us. It's a shame to pay that much for a Musical legend and get so drunk that you pass out in your seat and can't even remember how great the show was~ :::::


Peter Sohriakoff

Full Review here
   John Prine played for almost two hours, mostly keeping me utterly rapt but sometimes losing me a little bit. He played the two songs of his I knew ("My Mexican Home" and "Paradise," which Ritter took the third verse on), and absolutely blew me away with three songs I didn't know but that I intend to hunt down on record: "Six O'Clock News" (somehow he really drove home that "C'mon baby spend the night with me" line), "Angel from Montgomery" and "Sam Stone" (brilliant! "There's a hole in daddy's arm where all the money goes / And Jesus Christ died for nothing I suppose"). In all he was fantastic. Backed by a bassist and a guitarist, and I really wish I had known more of his stuff going into the gig.

angie wilson
it was great we loved it we are ready to see him again we try to see him once ayear



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