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John Prine Concert Tour and Reviews 2007

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Thu April 12, 2007 -John Prine at the Paramount Theatre in Denver CO with special guest Mindy Smith, Back up band: Dave Jacques and Jason Wilber

By: Gene Olson

My brother and I, along with our wives, first heard John Prine at the Earl of Old Town. We have closely followed his career and his wonderful songs all these years. The songs we know and love are still in his head. He delivers them exactly as I remember them. John and his band are excellent musicians. I think I will never tire of his lyrics and voice. Long lived John Prine. Gene Olson, Erie, CO


By: Little Do You Know

Mom and I went down to the Paramount on Thursday night to see John Prine. It was heaven, almost. His voice is so strong. Opening for him, waif-like Mindy Smith. She has an angelic voice and funny and quiet between-songs banter. She also came on later and sang Angel From Montgomery with John. He sang so many songs I love, starting off with The Six O’Clock News. There isn’t a bad John Prine song. Read the rest of "JP AND THE WORLD'S LARGEST" here


By: Howdydoo

Great show. First saw Prine @ the Philly folk fest and was blown away by his performance. I try to see him whenever I can. Paramount staff was super helpful in helping me replace my lost tickets (duh). Gentleman in box office restored my faith in the human race. Prine delivered another great performance. Mindy Smith did a great job on Angel from Montgomery. My favorite part of show was solo prine. He does an amazing job w/ guitar ( 5 finger pic). He also brought out Steve Goodman's old guitar because his martin had broken in Kalamazoo, MI. His band always seems to be Nashville's finest, and the lead guitar and bassist were great. Jesus, the missing years, Sam Stone, Got gold. People putting people down encore maybe relating to Mr. Imus. Prine strikes the core of American culture and truly is an American great. His music is timeless. I was kinda bummed out about the alcohol. I enjoy beer w/ my music. I guess it's like everything else, it only takes 1 a hole. There was a lot of hooting and hollering, and I guess the lack of booze curbed it down. If you can hold your booze, bring a flask!


By: C Ray Curry

John Prine couldn't have been any tighter, his great guitarist an bass were definitely hand pick by Mr Prine and they certainly complemented the performance. I was disappointed the the Denver Post didn't have a blurb in their paper. We had an occasion 35 years ago to see John play on the streets of Aspen.. Truly one of America's prolific songwriters.


By: MB

I must say it had been about 30 years since I had seen John. I have been listened to him since I was 17. I was amazed to see this little gray haired man come on stage so insignificantly. He was in rare form for me. You know his voice was so recognizable and he sang from the heart. I enjoyed every minute of it and “Sam Stone” was amazing. I feel his best song of the night…


By: JB

John was in great form. I was very impressed with both his singing and his guitar playing. When I learned that he had a guitar and bass player with him for the tour I assumed that he was handing over the technical playing duties to them, like being in semi retirement. Not so, John is 100% on his game. Was also surprised to find that alcohol service stopped when John started, "at the request of Mr. Prine". That must have been in response to that crowed incident at the Iowa show. I was fine with that decision. It made for a lot less hooting and hollering from the audience and a lot more John Prine ;)


By: TW

Great show, John's voice has improved. Many of the songs were slowed down just a little bit which allowed the lyrics to be clearly understood. Here's the playlist, not in order, it was just easier remembering it this way: (I think I got them all but who knows, I'm getting old) Spanish Pipedream Hello In There Sam Stone Paradise Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore Angel From Montgomery Six O'clock News Souvenirs Please Don't Bury Me Dear Abby Grandpa Was A Carpenter Fish and Whistle Storm Windows People Puttin' People Down Picture Show Jesus The Missing Years Ain't Hurtin' Nobody Lake Marie You Got Gold Glory Of True Love Long Monday Taking A Walk Clay Pigeons She Is My Everything Bear Creek Blues


Fri 04/13 - Fort Collins, CO - Lincoln Center with special guest Mindy Smith. Back up band: Dave Jacques and Jason Wilber

By: Sean Patrick

I last was in the presence of John Prine at the Skyline Stage @ Navy Pier in Chicago, IL on the 18th of June 1997. Ouch! Near on ten years ago. John and I have both increased the girth in our midsections. Both John's and my voice have grown gruffer. And I still light up in John's presence as my seven year old daughter lights up in mine. Seven year old daughter. She wasn't even born the last time I saw John! And she was disappointed not to be at this show. (Her kindergarten teacher from last year was also at the show: as was her art teacher.) The right people are learning the words to John's songs, huh? And Izze likes dancin' to Daddy's Little Pumpkin with the volume way . . . up! At any rate, John touched every base as he rounded the expectant bases for yet another home run. I've been reading some of the previous show reviews and I would say Prine and his band are on a roll! No matter whether a person came to hear a classic like Sam Stone, or John the story teller ~ Lake Marie, or to still watch John kick ass rockin' songs like Bear Creek; John  filled the bill. A good time was had by all. If I were a person reading these reviews to make the decision as to whether to go ahead and purchase tickets to any nearing John Prine show, I would not hesitate. In fact, if you are able to catch a show on this tour and you don't . . . every time you talk to a friend that did attend the show nearest you . . . you'll toss your friend your keys and kick yourself all the way home. Hoof it! As well you should. Do not miss an opportunity to put a weeklong grin on your face. Your smile won't even be illegal.

By: Stacy Nick

Read the full review here ---
   He looks 80, is 60 and still acts like he's 20.
   Folk singer John Prine proved he is still very much alive and kicking Friday night at the Lincoln Center.
   In addition to refreshing old favorites like "Your Flag Decal Won't Get You into Heaven Anymore" and "Paradise," Prine also mixed in a couple of newer tunes, like "Taking a Walk" (off of his 2005 CD "Fair and Square"), in which he did a gorgeous version with show opener Mindy Smith. The two also paired up for the fun "In Spite of Ourselves," a song that "people actually play at their weddings," Prine marveled, adding that maybe it's to get back at their in-laws.
   Usually the opening act gets little attention, but Smith - armed with only her gorgeous vocals, a couple of acoustic guitars and a quick-footed guitar tuner ready to bring her a new guitar after each song - easily held the audience in the palm of her hand.


Sun 04/15 - Grand Junction, CO - Avalon Theatre with special guest Mindy Smith. Back up band: Dave Jacques and Jason Wilber


By: John

I've been a John Prine fan since the 60's but never had been able to see and hear him in person. Though he had a touch of laryngitis and his voice was raspy at times, John delivered his concert with fantastic energy and humor (even commented on the Robitussin). Just great! Mindy Smith opened for John Prine and sang with John in the middle of the concert. John came on stage about 8:30PM and played straight through till about 10:15PM and covered most of my all-time favorites and some great, more recent songs. John soloed on "Souvenirs" and a few others and the two-man band, Jason Wilber and Dave Jacques, were magnificent on the rest (man, can they play!!) . His play list included:

 1. Spanish Pipedream
  2. Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You into Heaven Anymore
  3. Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
  4. Far from Me
  5. Grandpa Was a Carpenter
  6. Souvenirs
  7. Fish & Whistle
  8. The Glory of True Love
  9. Long Monday (with Mindy)
10. In Spite of Ourselves (with Mindy)
11. Angel from Montgomery (with Mindy)
12.Jesus, The Missing Years,
  13.Dear Abby
14.Donald and Lydia
15.Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian
16.Sam Stone
17.Bear Creek Blues
18.That’s All Right By Me
19.Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody
20.Hello In There
21.Lake Marie
22.Illegal Smile and

This was a great concert -- disappointed, not in the least, although I would have loved to hear him sing "Please Don't Bury Me", but I went home and played it later!

Mon 04/16 - Aspen, CO - Wheeler Opera House with special guest Mindy Smith. Back up band: Dave Jacques and Jason Wilber

Primed for Prine - PREVIEW
By: Stewart Oksenhorn - April 16, 2007
Folk singer-songwriter John Prine performs Monday, April 16 at Aspen's Wheeler Opera House.
   Full article and photos here -->
   ASPEN — Googling John Prine, I was stunned to see his age: 60. With most pop music stars, the surprise is in seeing how old they are; with Prine, the shock was that he was that young.
   Part of my surprise can be chalked up to the fact that Prine was diagnosed with throat cancer a decade ago, in his early 50s. Some of it is due to the fact that his signature song, “Angel From Montgomery,” has been covered so often that it seems to date back to forever. The best reason for thinking Prine was older, though, is that his music has a timelessness to it.
  That’s never more true than on the new CD “Standard Songs for Average People,” a duet album with singer Mac Wiseman (age 81). Prine and Wiseman put a warm, charming, old-fashioned stamp on country-folk tunes past, seemingly aiming for a sound that recalls the 1930s more than the 21st century. And the selected tunes themselves bespeak a sense of age; three of them — “Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine,” “Old Cape Cod” and “Old Rugged Cross” — feature the word ‘old.’
   Despite being younger than the eternally rocking Mick Jagger (63), and the continually reinventing Bob Dylan (65), Prine seems to see himself as old. “Standard Songs” features a take on Bob Wills’ “Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Age,” and in “Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine,” he gets to the heart of the matter by asking point-blank: “How old do you think I am?”
   Prine plays Monday at 8 p.m. at the Wheeler Opera House, with singer-songwriter Mindy Smith opening. For a look at a younger version of Prine — long, black hair; cigarette dangling from his mouth — see the newly released DVD “Live on Soundstage 1980.” Even there, Prine shows a taste for the older ways; the introduction to the DVD has him driving through his hometown of Maywood, Ill., in a 1940s vintage automobile.
   For anyone who didn’t get tickets to Prine’s show — there were 30 or 40 still available Monday morning, said a Wheeler Box Office representative — hip-hop artist Brother Ali headlines Monday at Belly Up Aspen.

By: Stewart Oksenhorn

Prine scratchy, yet satisfying ----- full review here:
   ASPEN — Music isn't strictly about the sounds that come out of a singer's mouth, or what a guitarist can coax out of his instrument. There's more to the art than that; music is about communicating something, connecting with an audience, even more than it is about making an appealing noise.
   Which explains the fact that John Prine's show Monday night could not only nearly fill the Wheeler Opera House, but also satisfy the crowd. The sound coming out of Prine's mouth - or, more descriptively, his throat - could best be called a croak. The inflexibility and one-dimensionality of Prine's vocal instrument can be chalked up to his age, 60, and more so to his bout with throat cancer.
   The muddiness of the music produced by Prine and his two-piece group, bassist David Jacques and Jason Wilber, has to be attributed elsewhere. And probably not to the Wheeler sound system or staff. Prine's primary guitar emitted an overly booming sound, and when he switched to an electric instrument, the combination of two electric guitars and electric bass seemed ill-advised.
   Prine's songs, however, consistently emerged through any sonic muck, to tickle the funny bone, touch the heart - and sometimes both, at once. Prine has a way with a phrase that is piercing. For me the one that stood out was from "Sam Stone," his empathetic saga of the returning Vietnam war soldier: "Sweet songs never last too long on broken radios." The simplest language, the most resonant of meanings - that's Prine in a nutshell. And somehow that brittle bark of a voice added, rather than distracted, from the song.
   And the same could be said of "Angel From Montgomery," "You Got Gold," and "In Spite of Ourselves." In fact, the only song where the sound - those two electric guitars - spoiled the moment was on "She's My Everything," a beautiful song from Prine's more recent output.



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