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John Prine Concert Tour and Reviews 2007

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October 15, 2007 John Prine at the National concert Hall Dublin, IE
With Jason Wilber and Dave Jacques on backup - Opening: Dan Reeder

Thursday October 18 2007
   True grit from defender of fine country tradition
   In addition to being one of country music's most enduring and influential artists, John Prine has garnered a new generation of musical admirers.
   Bright Eyes, Alabama 3 and Low are just some of the contemporary acts that have either covered Prine, or named a song after him.
   Prine successfully survived throat cancer in 1998 and many of his fans contend that this has added extra "gravel" to his voice. Indeed, when he speaks, his deep, throaty growl is mesmerising.
   Prine's gift is that he perfectly combines intense emotion with entertaining playfulness. Jaunty material such as 'James Dean went to Hollywood' rubs shoulders with the imploringly beautiful 'Spend the Night With Me'.
   Prine delivers a perfectly paced set of new compositions and back catalogue favourites. The only duff note is when a horrible blast of feedback squeals out of his microphone.
   Forever the consummate professional, Prine handles the brief mishap perfectly. A crew member replaces the dodgy equipment in question, as John clears his throat and steps up to the mic.
  "It just goes to show, they don't make 'em like they used to!" he quips. --- And they don't make singers and performers quite like John Prine either.

October 23, 2007 John Prine at Opera House, Cork, Ireland
With Jason Wilber and Dave Jacques on backup - Opening: Dan Reeder - Surprise Guest: Phillip Donnelly

By: YouTube
John Prine and surprise guest Phillip Donnelly playing "Speed of the Sound of Loneliness" in Cork Opera House Ireland (you don't really need to watch it - close your eyes and listen.

Wish I was there



By: Billy O'Callaghan
I had the best concert tickets of my life for this one, front row, centre. John played a storming show, as good as I have ever seen from him, and highlights abounded: gorgeous renditions of Storm Windows, Souvenirs, Hello In There, a great rocking Lake Marie, and, after Philip Donnelly joined him on stage, wonderfully loose encores of Chain Of Sorrow, Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness and Paradise. John even perservered through a (quite disturbing) nosebleed during Angel From Montgomery. Throughout, he sounded in great voice and was buoyed, I think, by the enthusiasm of a sell-out audience. And after the show, a longtime dream was fulfilled when I managed to meet up with John. We had a quick chat while he signed some cds for me and he was just as charming, funny and genuine as I had hoped. There is nothing better than to spend a couple of hours in the company of a genuine musical legend, listening and singing along to songs that we have all etched into our very souls over the years. I can hardly wait for more ...


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