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John Prine Concert Tour and Reviews 2007

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Friday APR 20, 2007 - John Prine with Special Guest Josh Ritter- Arlene Schnitzer Hall, Portland, OR - Supporting Band: Jason Wilber, Dave Jacques

By: iwastheredude -
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  To me John Prine is the sound of being a kid. Of singing along in the Volkswagen as we rally up and down the Oregon Coast on camping and fishing trips with the family. And most importantly, John Prine is the sound of hanging out with my dad. This was the second time my dad, sister and I saw John Prine at The Schnitz, also joined by dad's girlfriend last night. My sister and I decided to grab pints and popcorn shrimp at The Virginia Café pre-show and wait to meet up with the old man. I'm trying to get as much time at The Virginia Café as possible, I heard on the radio that it will be closing shortly. Something about the building being turned in to condos? Whatever the case, that place holds quite a few memories of a late night greasy food fix and a night cap. After about a half hour all of us together, we walked over to the Schnitz.
  We got to the show in the middle of Mindy Smith's set. Our seats were sick! Second row of the lower balcony. I almost prefer to sit there than close up on the floor.

  The Schnitz is designed for a singer like Mindy. Her soft voice, reminiscent of Hope Sandoval from Mazzy Star influenced by Nashville by way of Long Island, New York, was carried through the concert hall beautifully. I had never heard her music before but I am going to check it out after seeing her last night. They were intimate, sad songs.

  John Prine was amazing as usual. His electric guitar player rips. I love his story telling and interaction with the crowd between songs because you feel like you are getting some insight as to where these songs really came from, and you leave feeling like you actually met and now know John Prine. It's almost like you sat down and had a beer with him in a bar, just you him, instead of the reality of you in a concert hall with 2,000 other people.

  There were many highlights to the evening. Fish and Whistle, That's the Way That the World goes 'Round, the Jesus song, Sound of the Speed of Loneliness. He told the story of a childhood friend from Illinois passing away recently and dedicated a song to him and his family who were in attendance. During the encore he brought out his "baby brother" to play guitar and sing along with the final song. "Little Billy Prine", who was not so little and hard to imagine as being JP's baby anything, came out sporting a Bada Bing! T-shirt and towered over John.

  He has been at this for a while, and there is some visible wear and tear. But you get the sense that he still enjoys touring and the crowd at The Schnitz is always happy to see him. John Prine makes you feel like he is happy to see you too.


By: DedHed

Took both of my kids to see John last night. I guess they're not kids anymore...daughter is 21 and son is 17. They've been raised on his music and love it as much as I do. Sure was a great show. Even got to see and hear John's "baby" brother who had to be 6'6" tall if he's an inch! Sorry to hear that John's wife was in the hospital. Sure hope she's okay. Love ya' John!


By: swainchampagne

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  I went to see Mindy Smith and John Prine tonight at the Schnitzer which was fantastic.
   I met Dave and his new wife Lemisa and Jason Wilber for a drink and then went and saw the show which was fantastic. Both Mindy and John were great and the audience was so into it. Mindy played about 6 songs. It had been about 6 years since I had seen her and she amazed me again. It took me back to the monday nights at 12th and Porter. I wished she had played Tin Can but she has too many other great songs in her new cache. Her tone is mesmerizing. And when she came out with John and sang Angel from Montgomery, it was stunning.
   John seemed like he was in a great mood. He came out with a bang which left me with a smile on my face for almost the entire show. It was quite the opposite of the last show I saw in Santa Rosa. As I sat there watching it came to me that his songs are childlike in that they rhyme and are easily palatable yet he throws these amazing visuals at you out of left field which are magical. His playfulness makes him a lot more appealing than Dylan or even Greg Brown. And his songs are true American anthems which the whole audience can sing. He was very engaging. As with Burt Bacharach, the first time I saw JP play I was stunned that I knew practically all of the songs yet didn't realize him to be the genius behind them. Now I know.
   Met Josh Ritter back stage after the show.
   But it was grand to see Eric, a Nashville great. He told me this hilarious story of his brother, Thad, being in a Kroger parking lot in some small town in Tennessee and as he's walking to the store from his car this big black suv pulls up and the window rolls down and it's Little Richard! And Thad says, "what the hell are you doing here?" and Little Richard says, "I saw you walking across the parking lot and I was compelled to speak to you." and Thad says "But what the hell are you doing here?" and he says that his sister lives there and then he asks the two other people in the truck if they should give Thad his book and they say yes and he gives him this religious pamphlet and a signed postcard and they drive away. And I say, "only in the South!"




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