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John Prine Concert Tour and Reviews 2007

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Sat, Nov 10 - John Prine at the Orpheum in Phoenix, AZ  Guest Opening Artist: Jason Wilber. 
Back up band: Jason Wilber, Dave Jacques - Surprise guests: Garry Fish and Eric Tarleton


By: GarrydaFish
Encore in Phoenix with Dave Jacques, Garry Fish, John Prine, Eric Tarleton and Jason Wilber






Fri, Nov 9 - John Prine at the FOX THEATRE in TUSCON, AZ  Guest Opening Artist: Jason Wilber. 
Back up band: Jason Wilber, Dave Jacques


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Date: 8 p.m., Friday, Nov. 9, at the Fox Theatre, 17 W. Congress St. $47; 547-3040.
By: Jim Lipson | Tuscon Weekly | Rhythm & Views - Full Review and images here  -

Standard Songs for Average People (Oh Boy)
   Aside from its title, the coolest thing about this collection of old country standards is the way in which it came about. Although hardly a household name, Mac Wiseman is quite well-known around country and bluegrass circles. Apparently, he was also known to John Prine.
   After Nashville producer Cowboy Jack Clement encouraged Prine to reach out to Wiseman, Prine suggested they each make a list of songs they might like to record, with no limits on genre or vintage. When they eventually compared lists, out of all the songs in the world, they had picked seven in common.
   Fans of Prine who are looking for his unique way with a song will probably be disappointed. This is not like Prine's 1999 collection of duets, In Spite of Ourselves. Instead, this is a heavy dose of straight-ahead country delivered by a seasoned bunch of Nashville cats with lots of dobro, fiddle and pedal steel guitar. (Only twice, in fact, was Prine even allowed to pick up a guitar.) But if you like that good-old country sound, you'll enjoy the ease with which these tunes from Lefty Frizzell, Tom T. Hall and Kris Kristofferson, among others, go down.
   And to say their voices work well together would not do them justice. Through the separation of a generation (Wiseman is more than two decades the senior), there is a father-and-son quality resonating throughout that brings these tunes to life.
   John Prine appears at 8 p.m., Friday, Nov. 9, at the Fox Theatre, 17 W. Congress St. $47; 547-3040.


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