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John Prine Concert Tour and Reviews 2007

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March 10, 2007 - Adler Theater, Davenport, IA
Opening for John Prine: Maura O'Connell & John Mock. Band: Dave Jacques & Jason Wilber

John Prine and Maura O'Connell in Davenport IA Adler Theater


By: Reeda Buresh, webmistress of the Prine Shrine

After 12 long years, John Prine returned to the Adler Stage in Davenport, IA - read my review (and incessant rambling) here



Man accused of punching woman at folk concert
By: Anthony Watt

A Blue Grass man apparently really wanted to hear the concert Saturday. John Dennis Murphy, 56, is charged with assault with injury after he allegedly punched another concert-goer about 10:44 p.m. as she tried to sing along at the John Prine concert at the Adler Theatre, according to the Davenport Police Department. He apparently got upset at her singing, turned in his seat and yelled an obscenity at the victim, police said. The victim tried to reason with the suspect, but he allegedly hit her on the right side of her face, causing redness and swelling around her eye, police said. Mr. Prine, described in the past as "the next Dylan," sings about war, love and the environment. A former Chicago mailman, he won a Grammy for best contemporary folk album for "Fair and Square," which was released in 2005. It was his 18th album. He was in town playing with Irish-born folk singer Maura O'Connell, who got her start as lead vocalist with the Celtic group DeDanaan in 1981. Mr. Murphy was free on $1,950 bond Sunday night, according to the Scott County Jail. His court information was not immediately available.


By Linda Cook | Monday, March 12, 2007 10:55 AM CDT | (0) comments
A Blue Grass, Iowa, man faces a charge of assault with injury after allegedly striking a woman during the John Prine concert at the Adler Theatre on Saturday night.

John Dennis Murphy, 56, was taken to Scott County Jail about 10:45 p.m. Saturday after a concertgoer allegedly was struck.

Murphy, who was upset with a victim for singing along, police said, allegedly turned around during the concert and told another member of the audience to “shut the (expletive deleted) up.”

According to police, when that person tried to reason with Murphy, he allegedly struck her with a closed fist to the right side of her face, causing redness and swelling to her right eye.

Murphy left Scott County Jail on pre-trial release, according to the Scott County Sheriff’s Department.

Prine is a folk/country singer-songwriter, whose best-known songs are “Sam Stone,” about a trouble Vietnam War veteran, and “Illegal Smile.”



By: Sylvia H. - Quad Cities

It was a great show, and I hope that it doesn't prevent Prine from coming back. It's been so long. Before that guy sat down he told everyone to "Shut the f*** up" and then he turned around and punched that young woman. I was impressed with how he was hauled off so quickly and told later that he was in jail. The woman was a huge fan and with a bag of ice on her face stayed for the rest of the show. I was not impressed with the full glasses of liquor being spilled all over the floor, dripping on my clothes - after spending so much money, why would the Adler want to let drunks ruin everything. The show was so good, I especially liked that Maura O'Connell, what a beautiful voice and she was real funny too - even joined John on stage for some songs - and had us in stitches when she sang In Spite of ourselves with Mr Prine. That morning there was a story about Reeda and Prine in the paper that was impressive and he sang a song for her and another song for her pal "Crusher" (They are friends with Prine too). This was my 4th Prine show and after looking at all the set lists, it a bit different - he sang some of my favorites like Picure show and He was in Heaven before he died - I loved the electric part and his back up band is great - that Jason Wilbur is so sexy and talented. loved the big orange guitar. John mentioned that his guitar was in the guitar hospital, and he played Steve Goodman's guitar then proceeded to to break 2 strings on it with Glory of True Love (he plays the hell out the song) it was such a great show, I'm thinking of trying to get tickets for a later date and making a vacation out of it. Thanks John and company for coming back - thanks Reeda for keeping us up to date and for the alerts to the great seats! It was an appreciative crowd full of fans and my apologies for the drunks John, not all of us in Davenport are that rude.


By: Karl Johnson, Altoona, IL

I concur with Jim Henkel's comments regarding a few fans who were somewhat out of control. One drunken guy near me in the eigth row punched a woman! Fortunately, he left the theater before it got too disruptive, but a security guard should have been in the area to address the matter. Otherwise, this concert was GREAT! The last time I saw him in concert was in '77 and '78, and I think he's as good now as he was then. Thank you Mr. Prine.


By: Jim Henkel from Dixon

John Prine was fantastic as always when I go to see him, however we were in the fourth row at the Adler and this guy sitting next to me with his date contiued to obnoxiously whistle (extremely loud) and singing loud to every song. He was a major distraction to the people near the staget. I politely asked him to stop because it was shriekingly loud and hurt everyones ears around us. He appeared to be under the influence and didn't really care about others around him. Accept for the fact that John Prine was playing it ruined it for many around us. I came to hear John Prine and his wonderful musicians, not to pay for some loser who somehow felt he needed center stage attention. There should be a tempered amount of crowd control by the owners of any fascility monitoring for that type of behavior. We should not have to seek out help to do something about this behaviro, it should be in place with people watching for that type of person. These individuals who come drunk have a longing to hear themselves while the professionals are playing. They also threaten a fight breaking out in the crowd which can ruin it for everyone. Many people kept turning around that were in front of this guy to let him know that he was out of order. Some people had no choice but to get up and leavet. Grant it, everyone likes to sing John Prine songs, he is very earthly and connects well with the crowd, but not to the point where one individual starts taking over. It was a major distraction and I blame the owners of the Adler, for not ensuring that prevention methods are in place for this type of individual. This type of control needs to be present at all concerts to prevent a bad scene from happening. John Prine-Always fantastic! Rated Excellent!!!! Owners of the Adler and all places where concerts are held- I want my money back!!!



By: David Burke

Found this in the Quad City Times,
Internet shrine to Prine built by Q-C fan
   A dozen years ago, Reeda Buresh set out to create an Internet shrine to her favorite singer.
  "You have to have something important to say," the Davenport woman said of making her first Web site. "And I thought no one knew who John Prine was."
   But Buresh, who works for the Internet division of Heart of America Restaurants & Inns, quickly found she wasn't alone.
 John Prine and his webmistress  "Within hours, I was getting e-mail from people in Ireland, from the remote parts of Canada, Germany and all over the United States," she said of her site, "There's all these people hiding behind the walls, thinking they're John Prine fans and thinking no one else knows who he is."
   The site, called the "Prine Shrine," receives as many as 80,000 hits a week from fans of the singer. It's become so essential to Prine fans that his record company recently linked to it off its official Web home page. .......
   Mitchell Drosin, Prine's road manager, said the singer appreciates the site as much as his fans.
   "John loves Reeda's Web site. It's a tremendous help to us," Drosin said in a telephone interview. "Sometimes when John needs lyrics for a song, I go to JPShrine and get the lyrics. It's informative and a lot more up-to-date than other Web sites."
   Prine returns to the Quad-Cities for a performance tonight at the RiverCenter/ Adler Theatre. Buresh has created a daily countdown of "agitated sleeps until Prine plays in Davenport, IA!" Prine last played the Adler in 1995 and co-headlined with Arlo Guthrie there in 1990.
   Tonight will be the 32nd time Buresh, 47, has seen Prine perform, and the 32nd time she's had the chance to meet him backstage. The first time she met him was at a concert date in Peoria, Ill., where she printed out every page of the Prine Shrine.
   "He couldn't believe he had all these fans," she said. "He couldn't believe people would pay money to come listen to him sing."
   In an interview shortly after that first meeting, "he called the Prine Shrine his site," Buresh said. "He was tickled."
   Buresh said she knows that Prine visits the site and added that she can tell from onstage comments that he's read some of the fan reaction.
   She's not certain, however, whether the singer posts comments on the site himself.
   "If he does, we don't know it's him. He knows what they want and finds out if they liked his music," she said. "I think he figures out his set list from what people say on the site."
   The site has grown to more than 2,000 files, she said, which sometimes isn't enough to satisfy the Prine faithful.
   "His fans all write me and tell me what I'm doing wrong and what I've forgotten," she said with a laugh. "But they're a bunch of nice people."
   That's one of the common threads with fans of the Americana singer-songwriter, she said.
  "They're all just grass-rooted, fair-minded, laid-back, easy-going people," she said. "They believe in good over evil and all that kind of stuff.
  "I haven't met one I haven't liked."
   Her husband even dropped her off to spend a week with a fellow Prine fan known as "Crusher" in Wisconsin.
   Crusher "threw a big party, did my laundry, treated me like royalty," she said. "He was the nicest man named Crusher I'd ever met."
   Buresh calls Prine, 60, the "ultimate gentleman, very humble," and very unassuming, even with so many fans.
  "To talk to him, you wouldn't even think he was up in that class with all those hotshots," she said.

By: Brian from Milwaukee, Wi

The concert was a surprise gift for my wife's birthday - she had no knowledge of our "road trip". Because of the pre sale ticket plan she found out that day and was thrilled - not as thrilled as when we met John in the same hotel lobby we were staying at and we discussed "Jesus the Missing Years". Onto the concert - fantastic, great seats up front courtesy of pre sale plans and both opening act and main were very memorable. As for crowd issues others wrote about I must have been too entranced with the performers to notice - John and the band clearly captivated us that night as it was one of the most memorable concerts I have ever attended.


Amanda Lynn This is kind of funny and I thought all you JP fans would get a kick out of it!



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